Unsolved Homicide 3 Years/Jose Luis Rodriguez

I am writing to you because I’m desperate and I need your help!  My brother, Jose Luis Rodriguez, 17, a full-time college student and a student worker at a library, fell victim to a random shooting.  He died right away and the perpetrator has not been identified yet and this is why your help is desperately needed.

This nightmare started on November 23, 2007.  My brother, my cousin and some of my brother’s friends were celebrating his 18th birthday at a house.  At about 11:40 pm, my brother and my cousin gave Roxana, 17 (one of my brother’s friends), a ride back home.  My cousin was driving the vehicle, my brother was on the passenger’s side and Roxana was on the back seat.  Once they got to the apartment complex located at 424 Woodlawn, a man described as an African American male in his twenties walked up to my brother and shot him in the head at approximately 11:58 pm from a short distance with a shotgun as my brother was exiting his car.  He was killed two minutes before his 18th birthday!  Half of my brother’s head was gone and as you can imagine, this was a traumatizing experience for my cousin and Roxana, as well as my family.  This was not the only incident.

Police in the cities of Chula Vista and San Diego, Calif. are investigating three shootings in one night that injured one and killed two – including Jose.  Cops say at approx. 11:50 pm, a man was shot and wounded near the Palm Avenue trolley station in San Diego.  Witnesses reported that the shooter fled in a small, dark, four-door car.  Minutes later, Jose was shot in neighboring Chula Vista.  Less than an hour after Jose was killed, cops say 26-year-old Francisco Miranda was shot and killed in the parking lot of a local bar.  Cops are not ruling out the possibility that it is the same gunman in each case.

We want this monster behind bars – just the thought of him being out there running free makes our life even more miserable.  He can do this to other families and we do not want this to happen, so please help us!

Detectives say that a shotgun was used in all three incidents and witnesses told cops that the gunman wore a mask and gloves.


—Veronica Rodriquez (originally posted on AMW website)