San Diego County Crime Stoppers Report

Greetings Crime Stoppers Supporters~

Hope your 2012 is going well!  Our office is very busy with many new initiatives and organizing taking place.  We have some great news to share.  Last fall, the District Attorney’s Office provided Crime Stoppers with a critically needed grant of asset seizure funds which enabled us to upgrade our technology capabilities, purchase materials for our Students Speaking Out program (serving 220,000 students), and participate in statewide Crime Stoppers training.  I am pleased to let you know that the Sheriff’s Department will continue this support in 2012.  This support will help Crime Stoppers expand and upgrade our services to the community.  Big thanks to District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and Sheriff Bill Gore for their inspiring support of Crime Stoppers!

Bringing Meaning to Our Work
Last week I received a touching phone call.  Many years before, the caller had been sexually exploited as a young teen by a suspect Crime Stoppers profiled.  She found our press release after googling the man who assaulted her.  The caller never reported the crime, even though this abuse went on for more than three years.  Our press release showed that he was a registered sex offender with a history of child molestation and was wanted for absconding.  Through some quick research we found that the suspect had recently been arrested for identity theft and illegal possession of a firearm.

This call was a real life reminder that our work impacts more people than we will ever know.  For every suspect arrested with help from a Crime Stoppers tip, there may be other victims.  In addition, we will never know how many crimes are prevented when a career criminal is taken off the streets.  My heart goes out to this woman who has suffered for so many years in silence.  Her story reminded me of the importance of staying vigilant in getting criminals off the streets.

2011 Annual Report
Click on this link to view Crime Stoppers 2011 Annual Report.  The highlight is a 27% increase in positive tips in 2011.  Since 2009, our positives tips have increase by 45%.

California Crime Stoppers Conference
San Diego will host the California Crime Stoppers Conference in March at the Bahia.  We are excited to have around 70 participants from around the state attending—double the attendance last year (who can resist San Diego?).  We will have guests from all over the country, Canada, and even Mexico.  The President of Crime Stoppers International, from London, will also be speaking at the conference.  Big thanks to our sponsor, Securitas Security!

Enough Is Enough Luncheon
Crime Stoppers and the San Diego County Credit Union will host our annual Enough Is Enough Luncheon on Thursday, May 17th at the Doubletree Hotel at Hazard Center in Mission Valley.  This event recognizes the outstanding achievements of 16 law enforcement professionals from around the county.  We would love you to get involved as a sponsor, contact SDCCS for more information.

Light the Night Against Crime
Mark your calendars and get your costume ready for our Light the Night Against Crime 5K on Saturday, October 27th at Balboa Park.  Details to follow!

Thanks again for your support of Crime Stoppers!  Our work makes San Diego County safer and brings justice for the victims of crime.

As you can see, the work never slows down over here!  Please consider making a donation or becoming a sponsor.