Wanted for Murder: Carlos Catalan

Teen Sought By Cops In Deadly Crash

America’s Most Wanted Profiled Case

Days after a fatal car crash left two teenagers dead in San Diego, Calif., police  identified the driver of the other car in the incident.  At around 2 am on August 3, 2007, police believe that a Toyota Tacoma driven by 19-year-old Carlos Catalan bumped into a BMW at close to 90 mph.  The driver of the BMW lost control and hit a light pole.  Joshua Spears, 18, and Ryan Zelman, 19, both died in the crash while a third person was taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries.

Witnesses told police that the Tacoma stopped briefly following the crash, then left the scene.  In the days after the deadly hit-and-run, San Diego cops were able to locate Catalan’s vehicle, but there has been no sign of Catalan himself.  Originally listed as a person-of-interest in the two fatalities, San Diego cops tell AMW that Catalan has now been charged with two counts of felony hit and run and two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter.