Cold Case: Sergio Sprandel Murder 2000

On August 31, 2000, at approximately 10:00 p.m., Sergio Sprandel was shot to death near his vehicle, in the parking lot of La Jolla Village Square located in the 8600 block of La Jolla Drive.

Witnesses saw two males running through the parking lot from Sprandel’s direction and enter a black SUV.  One of the males was described as white, 6’3” in height and weighing 240 lbs. He had dark curly hair and a full beard.  The second subject was described as an Asian male, 6”1”, thin with long hair with the sides shaved.  The subjects entered the vehicle and drove through the parking lot at a high rate of speed.

The vehicle is described as a black SUV similar to a 1997 Ford Explorer or newer with oversized tires, chrome rims and tinted windows.