Thank You For Your Support In 2012 And Big Changes For 2013

Greetings Crime Stoppers Supporters~

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. 2012 was another great year for Crime Stoppers, we maintained our record high number of positive tips, with 147 cases solved last year, including 8 homicides. Tips to Crime Stoppers can cut months and years out of grueling murder investigations. Our rewards are often a huge incentive for people to come forward. Child molesters, bank robbers, and kidnappers all were locked up this year with help from anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers. Many of these individuals would still be at large without anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers.

Big Changes
2013 will bring big changes to San Diego County Crime Stoppers. I have served as the Executive Director for almost 7 years and will be moving on to a new career opportunity. Working at Crime Stoppers has been rewarding and enlightening. I have truly enjoyed the relationships I have built with our law enforcement partners, our supporters, and the crime survivors I have met. I will be starting a new position with the Salvation Army Kroc Center, but will stay on as a volunteer with Crime Stoppers.

Our Board of Directors is delighted to announce that they have appointed Don Braun as Interim Executive Director. Don served for many years as the Chief of the San Diego Unified School District Police Department. Prior to that, he was with the San Diego Police Department. Don has been involved with our Students Speaking Out program since its inception and is a long-time supporter of Crime Stoppers.

We need your support!
As we begin 2013, it is critical that we invest in a safer community by continuing to support Crime Stoppers. While school safety is now a national conversation, your support of Crime Stoppers helped to launch Students Speaking Out four years ago. The program is now being duplicated across the country. Fifteen guns have been removed from school campuses in our community through student tips to Students Speaking Out. Crime Stoppers will continue to stay on the cutting edge of community safety, but we need financial support to make this happen.

Once again in 2013, we will be holding the Enough is Enough Luncheon, Light the Night Against Crime and continuing our community education campaign; social media networking; Students Speaking Out; our anonymous text, web, and phone tips; and our felony reward program. All of these activities need resources to make them effective. Please make a commitment to supporting Crime Stoppers in 2013.

Thanks so much for your support of Crime Stoppers! I look forward to seeing you at our events next year!

All the best,