Invest In A Safer San Diego/Donate To San Diego County Crimestoppers

In the past five years, tips to San Diego County Crime Stoppers have helped to solve 500 crimes in San Diego County including;

  • 25 murders
  • 23 financial crimes including fraud, identity theft and counterfeiting.
  • 37 robbery arrests solving 54 bank robberies and robberies of retailers
  • 92 fugitives with histories of rape, child molestation, robbery, and human trafficking
  • 103 narcotics cases
  • 170 crimes at school campuses getting ecstasy, meth, cocaine, prescription drugs, 6 guns, and 34 knives out of local middle and high schools.

You can make a $$ donation to fund the work that we do. We are a non-profit, volunteer strong organization. Get involved and protect your community.

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