Alex Ceballos Murder 2001/Call 888-580-8477 To Report Information Anonymously

Synopsis: On the evening of January 28, 2001, Alexander Ceballos drove Edgar Morgado to visit a female friend. While Morgado was talking to the female friend her former boyfriend (the father of her two children) arrived. The former boyfriend and Morgado had words but didn’t come to blows.

As Morgado was leaving, two young gang members (pee-wees) were standing in the street.  They called out to him, “East Side Rascals.” Morgado turned and faced them and said, “What?”  One said “This is what’s up!” and started shooting at Morgado. As a result of the shooting Morgado was wounded, and survived; but Ceballos died of his wounds.  Morgado was interviewed in the hospital and provided descriptions of the two suspects.

Suspect #1 was the shooter.  He is a Hispanic male with slicked back, collar-length hair.  He had a short mustache and a short beard on the tip of his chin. He was about 5’8” tall, weighing about 135 pounds.  He wore a black, long-sleeved sweater with two gray stripes across both sleeves as well as the chest area. He had on black “Dickie” type pants, which were clean, creased and baggie. He was about 15 to 16 years old.   He was wearing Chuck Taylor Converse brand sneakers.

Suspect #2 is either a black male or a dark complected Puerto Rican male, 15 to 18 years of age. He had very short hair, approximately 5’10”, about 180 pounds. He was wearing gray pants and a black sweater. He was also wearing Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers.   Morgado said that this suspect didn’t say anything; just stood next to the shooter during the confrontation.