San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Cold Cases

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Homicide Detail invites the public’s assistance in the following investigations. Click on the cases below for more information. Tips may be submitted in the following ways:

  • Sheriff’s Homicide Detail – 858-974-2321 (during business hours)
  • Sheriff’s Communications Center – 858-565-5200 (outside business hours)
  • Crime Stoppers – 888-580-8477
  • Online Tip Form (Crime Stoppers)
DATE: December 23, 1977
VICTIM: Elizabeth Heidt
LOCATION: Hwy 94 east of Steele Canyon Rd. JamulThe San Diego Sheriff’s Homicide Detail is asking for the public’s help to find the person or persons responsible for the death of Elizabeth Heidt, who was found murdered more than 35 years ago.

On December 23, 1977, the body of Elizabeth Heidt was discovered in a drainage culvert near a turn out on Highway 94 one mile east of Steele Canyon Road, in Jamul. The detectives who conducted the preliminary investigation determined Heidt was murdered.
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DATE: March 14, 1978
VICTIM: Elizabeth Schultz
LOCATION: Gopher Canyon Rd. east of Ormsby Rd., Vista, CAThe San Diego Sheriff’s Homicide Detail is asking for the public’s help to find the person or persons responsible for the death of 20-year-old Elizabeth Schultz, who was found murdered more than 34 years ago.

During the afternoon of March 14, 1978, the body of Elizabeth Schultz was discovered by two men alongside Gopher Canyon Road, ¼ mile east of Ormsby Road in Vista. The detectives who conducted the preliminary investigation, discovered Schultz was murdered.
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DATE: June 25, 1970
VICTIM: Larry Hargis
LOCATION: 800 Galopago St., Spring ValleyThe San Diego Sheriff’s Homicide Detail is asking for the public’s help to find the person or persons responsible for the death of 27-year-old Yellow Cab driver, Larry Hargis, who was found shot to death more than 42 years ago.

During the pre-dawn hours of June 25, 1970, Larry Hargis radioed the cab company dispatcher saying a fare asked him to drive from 11th and C Streets in downtown San Diego to the Spring Valley area. That was the last statement the dispatcher heard from Larry Hargis. Later that day, Larry Hargis was found shot to death in a field in the 800 block of Galopago Street, Spring Valley. The victim’s wallet and cab were missing. The cab was later found abandoned that afternoon in the 1200 block of 16th Street in downtown San Diego.
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CASE NUMBER: 8768903
DATE: October 9, 1987
VICTIM: Diana Gail Moffitt
LOCATION: Blossom Valley Road, El CajonThe San Diego Sheriff’s Homicide Detail is asking for the public’s help to find the person or persons responsible for the death of 21-year-old Diana Gail Moffitt found deceased in a drainage ditch more than 24 years ago.

On October 9, 1987, a San Diego County road crew was finishing a job on Blossom Valley Road. They had been cleaning out a ditch overgrown with weeds and debris and had advanced to a spot where the backhoe nudged something hidden in the underbrush. It was the decomposed body of partly-clothed woman who was later identified as Diana Gail Moffitt. The detectives, who conducted the preliminary death investigation, ruled Moffitt’s death as suspicious.
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DATE: May 1, 1967
VICTIM: Nikki Benedict
LOCATION: 12700 block Poway Road, PowayThe San Diego County Sheriff’s Homicide Detail is asking the public’s help to find the person or persons responsible for the death of 14-year-old Nikki Benedict found stabbed on a dirt roadway more than 45 years ago.

During the early evening hours of May 1, 1967, Nikki Benedict was walking home from a friend’s house when she was critically stabbed and left to die on a nearby dirt trail in the 12700 block of Poway Road, Poway. At about 6:30 p.m., an 11-year-old boy was walking to his home when he discovered Nikki Benedict lying on the roadway critically injured. Emergency personnel rendered medical aid and she was transported to Palomar Hospital where she was pronounced deceased upon arrival.
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DATE: September 28, 1974
VICTIM: Patricia Lee Kuzara
LOCATION: Midland Road and Hilleary Road, PowayThe San Diego County Sheriff’s Homicide Detail is asking the public’s help to find the person or persons responsible for the death of seven-year-old Patricia Lee Kuzara, who was found murdered in a field near Midland Road and Hilleary Road, Poway, more than 37 years ago.

On Saturday, September 28, 1974, around 6:30 p.m., seven-year-old Patricia Lee Kuzara left her baby sitter’s home carrying her little red and black blanket and started walking home. It was 2½ miles to her home on Putney Road but Patricia never arrived. Patricia’s mother, Nancy Kuzara, became concerned when Patricia did not arrive at the house and immediately called the Sheriff’s Department to report her daughter missing.
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CASE NUMBER: 09032553
DATE: April 24, 2009
VICTIM: Demetrio Bautista
LOCATION: Vista Transit CenterOn Friday, April 24, 2009, just before 4:00 p.m., fifty-seven-year-old Demetrio Bautista was found deceased inside his 2001 Toyota Tundra in the parking lot of the Vista Transit Center. The victim was discovered by his daughter who was riding a bus that made a stop at the Vista Transit Center. She exited the bus and walked to her father’s truck. She then discovered that her father was inside the truck, but unresponsive.
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CASE NUMBER: 9012703
DATE: Feb. 27, 1990
VICTIM: Bertha Popoca
LOCATION: 1100 Block Juliette Pl., FallbrookOn the afternoon of February 27, 1990, the victim’s son went to his mother’s house to check on her welfare since the victim’s family and friends had not been able to contact Bertha in the last few days. When the son entered the home he found the victim dead in the living room.
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CASE NUMBER: 06038725
DATE: May 12, 2006
VICTIM: Sibyl Robbins
LOCATION: 1800 Block Bel Air Terrace, EncinitasDuring the evening hours of May 12, 2006, Sibyl Robbins and her husband, Harrison Robbins, were shot in front of their Encinitas home. Sibyl was killed while sitting in the front passenger seat of their Volvo. Her husband was seriously wounded but survived. A gunman ambushed Harrison and Sibyl Robbins, opening fire on the couple in the driveway of their Encinitas home in the 1800 block of Bel Air Terrace after the couple returned home from an evening out.
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CASE NUMBER: 95059828
DATE: August 13, 1995
VICTIM: Frank Aaron Bresson
Santa Margarita Creek in FallbrookOn August 13, 1995 United States Border Patrol Agents found the body of an unidentified male at Santa Margarita Creek in Fallbrook, near Sandia Creek and Rock Mountain Road. The victim was shot and killed. After 16 years, the body was identified through DNA as 22-year-old Frank Bresson. In mid-August of 1995, Frank Bresson, who lived in the city of Riverside, disappeared. Family members of Frank Bresson found his car abandoned in a Riverside parking lot, but there was no sign of him. The family filed a missing persons report and was waiting on answers for more than a decade. The body was found around the same time he was reported missing. The body was listed as John Doe until a DNA match confirmed his identity in 2010.
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CASE NUMBER: 03015049
DATE: January 21, 2003
Patrick Greene & Brandon Christopher Vigil
2100 block of Willow Glen Drive, El CajonOn January 21, 2003, Patrick Greene, 30, and Brandon Christopher Vigil, 17, were found shortly before 6 a.m. lying face down along Willow Glen Drive. They each had been shot multiple times. Neighbors reported hearing multiple gun shots around 5:45 a.m. Willow Glen Road is a main thoroughfare to the Sycuan Casino in Dehesa.
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CASE NUMBER: 08024399
DATE: March 16, 2008
Brandon Johnson and Donnell Davis
Hwy 54 & Briarwood, BonitaOn March 16, 2008 Brandon Johnson and Donnell Davis, were shot and killed while riding in a car on Highway 54 near Briarwood in Bonita. Brandon, Donnell and two other friends were heading home from the Brunswick Premier Lanes in Chula Vista when a car pulled alongside and fired gun shots in their car.
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DATE: March 1, 1980
VICTIM: Yolanda Griffie
LOCATION: Mt. HelixOn March 1, 1980, in the early morning hours, Yolanda Griffie’s deceased body was found at the top of Mount Helix in unicorporated La Mesa. Yolanda was married to an enlisted member of the United States Navy who was deployed out of San Diego at the time of the murder. Yolanda resided in an apartment complex in National City. Witnesses indicated Yolanda may have traveled to Mount Helix from her residence with a group of people the night before or the day her body was discovered.
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Federal Agents Looking For Woman With Cat Tattoo On Right Shoulder /SUSPECT ARRESTED


Unidentified Woman Wanted By Federal Agents

Unidentified Woman Wanted By Federal Agents

Unidentified Woman Wanted by Federal Agents

Federal Agents in Los Angeles are looking for an unidentified man and woman believed to be involved in a long-standing case of distributing child pornography. They obtained photos believed to have been taken 11 years ago of the two adults molesting a girl who looked to be about 13.

The man appeared in an obscured photo to be white and 40 to 50 years old then. The woman, who is white, was 35 to 45, with a tattoo of a curled-up cat on her right shoulder blade and a black tattoo resembling a butterfly on her right hip. Anyone with information about the two, or any other child predators, can call investigators at (866) 347-2423 or go to or call San Diego County Crime Stoppers at 1-888-580-TIPS.

Thank You For Your Support In 2012 And Big Changes For 2013

Greetings Crime Stoppers Supporters~

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. 2012 was another great year for Crime Stoppers, we maintained our record high number of positive tips, with 147 cases solved last year, including 8 homicides. Tips to Crime Stoppers can cut months and years out of grueling murder investigations. Our rewards are often a huge incentive for people to come forward. Child molesters, bank robbers, and kidnappers all were locked up this year with help from anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers. Many of these individuals would still be at large without anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers.

Big Changes
2013 will bring big changes to San Diego County Crime Stoppers. I have served as the Executive Director for almost 7 years and will be moving on to a new career opportunity. Working at Crime Stoppers has been rewarding and enlightening. I have truly enjoyed the relationships I have built with our law enforcement partners, our supporters, and the crime survivors I have met. I will be starting a new position with the Salvation Army Kroc Center, but will stay on as a volunteer with Crime Stoppers.

Our Board of Directors is delighted to announce that they have appointed Don Braun as Interim Executive Director. Don served for many years as the Chief of the San Diego Unified School District Police Department. Prior to that, he was with the San Diego Police Department. Don has been involved with our Students Speaking Out program since its inception and is a long-time supporter of Crime Stoppers.

We need your support!
As we begin 2013, it is critical that we invest in a safer community by continuing to support Crime Stoppers. While school safety is now a national conversation, your support of Crime Stoppers helped to launch Students Speaking Out four years ago. The program is now being duplicated across the country. Fifteen guns have been removed from school campuses in our community through student tips to Students Speaking Out. Crime Stoppers will continue to stay on the cutting edge of community safety, but we need financial support to make this happen.

Once again in 2013, we will be holding the Enough is Enough Luncheon, Light the Night Against Crime and continuing our community education campaign; social media networking; Students Speaking Out; our anonymous text, web, and phone tips; and our felony reward program. All of these activities need resources to make them effective. Please make a commitment to supporting Crime Stoppers in 2013.

Thanks so much for your support of Crime Stoppers! I look forward to seeing you at our events next year!

All the best,

Support San Diego County Crime Stoppers

This year, San Diego County Crime Stoppers will publicize approximately 110 unsolved murders that have taken place in and around San Diego, searching for clues and answers. In addition, as new cases come up, we will assist local law enforcement to bring those responsible, to justice. You can help. As cases are listed on FB, please circulate the information. Encourage others to do the same. And as always, you can make a $$ donation to fund the work that we do. We are a non-profit, volunteer strong organization. Get involved and protect your community.

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Ventura Madrigal Hit and Run Homicide 2009

Reward of up to $1,000

On January 2, 2009, 90-year-old Ventura Madrigal was struck and killed at the intersection of 6th and Highland Avenue in National City. At the time of the accident, Madrigal was attempting to cross the street in the crosswalk at the intersection.

Witnesses described the suspect vehicle as being similar to a green mid-90’s Ford Explorer. The vehicle may have front end damage. The suspect was described as a Hispanic male, late 20’s to early 30’s, with a mustache and a dark colored baseball cap.