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Crime Stoppers News Releases

04/24/134S Ranch Copper Theft

Date Title
04/24/13 Wanted For Homicide – Avila Brothers
04/19/13 Grand Theft – Horton Plaza
04/04/13  Lottery Scam Series-Three Suspects
04/04/13 Wanted For Homicide-Castro Brothers – National City Police
03/26/13 Wanted For Homicide – Maria Elvia Larios
03/25/13 Richard Carrillo Murder 1 Year Anniversary
03/22/13 Commercial Burglary – Kearny Mesa Harley Davidson Store
03/22/13 Wanted For Homicide – Gonzalo Herrera Montanez
03/20/13 Oceanside Police-Libby Lake Double Homicide
03/18/13 SD Sheriff Seeking Suspect Annoying and Harassing A Child
03/15/13 Bank of America Attempt ATM Burglary
03/15/13 Wanted For Homicide – Luis Eduardo Galindo
03/15/13 Wanted For Maria Vargas Homicide – Pedro Guzman
03/05/13 La Jolla Hit and Run
02/01/13 Oceanside Police Department – Weitzel Street Homicide
02/26/13 Vista Murder-Smilax Rd
02/01/13 Oceanside Police Department – Weitzel Street Homicide
02/14/13 Linda Vista Rd. Hit and Run
02/01/13 Oceanside Police Department – Weitzel Street Homicide
01/25/13 Timothy Bowden Homicide – Two Year Anniversary
01/10/13 Cell Phone Stores Commercial Burglary Series
12/26/12 BPS Gas Station Lemon Valley Armed Robbery
12/20/12 Lozano Homicide Attempt
12/19/12 WWII Medals Stolen
12/07/12 Mission Valley Hotel Robbery and Assault
12/05/12 Hallmann Homicide Information Still Sought
11/14/12 McClarnon Identity Theft
11/14/12 Poway Armed Robbery
11/09/12 Mo’s World Felony Battery
11/07/12 Poway Copper Wire Thefts
10/31/12 Credit Card Thefts
10/24/12 Farm and Garden Store Burglaries
10/17/12 ATM Theft
10/10/12 Hallmann Homicide
09/27/12 44th Street Double Homicide
09/20/12 Akins Ave Assault w/Deadly Weapon
09/19/12 Encinitas Credit Card Theft
08/27/12 National Night Out
08/23/12 Vista Field Vandalisms
08/21/12 Bike Path Sexual Battery
08/02/12 Express Store Burglary
08/01/12 Oceanside CVS Armed Robbery
07/27/12 Barbarella Restaurant Burglary
07/17/12 Ford GT Stolen
07/10/12 Robert Juarez Homicide- 4 Year Anniversary
05/30/12 Old Town Holiday Inn Sexual Assault – Attempt Robbery
3/19/12 Cordell King Homicide 1 Year Anniversary
03/19/12 Grand Theft at Ivy/Andaz Hotel
03/19/12 Crime Stoppers Conference
02/29/12 Witnesses Sought in 1993 Homicide
02/21/12 Chase Bank Robbery at 4415 Imperial
01/27/12 $10,000 Reward for Information on Salvador Mercado Murder
01/26/12 Timothy Bowden Homicide One Year Anniversary
01/17/12 W Hotel Assault
01/17/12 American Apparel Shoplift
11/30/11 Nordstrom Fashion Valley Grand Theft
11/23/11 Albertsons Commercial Burglary
11/16/11 Salvador Mercado Homicide Eight Year Anniversary
11/10/11 Commercial Burglary Leads Wanted
10/24/11 Light the Night Against Crime
09/23/11 Unknown Suspect Wanted for Einstein Robbery Series
09/09/11 Suspect Wanted for a Felony Hit and Run
06/02/11 Unknown Suspect Wanted for Lewd and Lascivious Acts Against a Child
06/01/11 Detectives Looking for Leads to Help Identify and Locate Three Unknown Suspects Wanted for a Pedestrian Robbery
06/01/11 Information Sought on Missing Person Armando Cano
05/26/11 Enough is Enough Luncheon and Awards Ceremony
05/26/11 Help Find Courtney Graham’s Killer
05/26/11 Information Sought on the Murder of Sergio Sprandel
05/25/11 Suspect Wanted for Pedestrian Robbery
04/15/11 Detectives Looking for Leads to Help Identify and Locate an Unknown Suspect Wanted for Theft and Unlawful Use of a Credit Card
04/15/11 Detectives Looking for Leads to Help Locate a Suspect Identified in San Diego Zoo Parking Lot Vehicle Burglary Series
04/08/11 Two Unknown Suspects Sought for Carjacking a Taxi Cab
03/29/11 Information Sought on the Five-Year Anniversary of the Tarryk Brown and Louie McRae Murder
03/09/11 Downtown Suspect Sought for Felony Battery; Surveillance Camera Captures Picture of Suspect
02/24/11 Two Unknown Suspects Sought for ATM Burglaries; Surveillance Camera Captures Pictures of Suspects
02/23/11 Two Unknown Suspects Sought for Series Related Scam Targeting the Elderly
02/22/11 Crime Stoppers Announces the Release of I-Phone App
02/21/11 Unknown Suspects Sought for Pedestrian Robbery Series; Surveillance Camera Captures Picture of Suspects
02/13/11 Unidentified Suspect Sought in Armed Robbery; Surveillance Video Captures Suspects Picture