Success Stories

 2011 Program Outcomes

Murder Cases

In 2011, six murders were solved with help from tips to Crime Stoppers. One tip led to the arrest of Jesus Arteaga Garcia wanted for the murder of Maribel Arteaga in 2009. Maribel was the pregnant Customs Officer who was stabbed in front of her two young sons by her estranged husband. Garcia was charged with two counts of murder and two counts of child abuse. Garcia had been hiding in Mexico.
Another tip led to the arrest of Antonio Vargas for the murder of Jesus Farlas in National City. NCPD let us know that they had no other leads in the case prior to the Crime Stoppers tip.

Violent Crimes
Tips to Crime Stoppers led to an arrest of a suspect who had shot at a police officer, another tip led to multiple arrests in an illegal weapons ring that recovered numerous guns and ammunition.

Tips to our tip lines helped authorities arrest 5 suspects who were wanted in connection with robberies of retail establishments. Three bank robberies were solved. Another tip identified a suspect that committed an armed robbery with an automatic weapon at a jewelry store in a mall. Two suspects were arrested in separate cases of gas station robberies.

Apprehending fugitives and parolees continues to be an important directive of the Crime Stoppers program. These cases work well with the media because we have photos of the suspects that can be shown on TV. In 2011, 64 fugitives were arrested with help from tips to Crime Stoppers. Eight of these suspects were registered sex offenders. Through these tips bank robbers, drug dealers, rapists, and child molesters are now off the streets of San Diego.

We also received 30 positive tips on narcotics cases. Drugs seized include cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, heroin, and prescription drugs. One case led to the seizure of 62 marijuana plants worth $250,000 in a home near an elementary school.

Students Speaking Out Cases
We are now active in 14 different school districts. Tips to Campus Crime Stoppers helped to solve 41 crimes on local middle and high schools this year. These tips led to 10 weapons being confiscated, including 3 guns. Ecstasy, cocaine, and marijuana were removed from local schools through tips to our tip lines. Six cases of bullying were stopped through our anti-bullying collaboration with schools.

Reach of Crime Stoppers
Positive tips were confirmed by agencies including ATF, Border Patrol, the FBI, the Marshal’s Service, State Parole, Chula Vista PD, El Cajon PD, La Mesa PD, National City PD, SDPD, the Sheriff’s Department, and the San Diego Unified School District Police Department. Our goal is to ensure that people throughout the County have access to Crime Stoppers when they need it.